A Message from Doug Kachadorian, President and Founder

Kachadorian Consulting proudly provides a full suite of CFO Functions, Bookkeeping Support, and Federal Government Contracting Advisory Services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our one-on-one approach emphasizes principal-to-principal communication and shows our personal commitment to deeply understand and support your business. Kachadorian Consulting works to become integral seamless members of your executive and support teams and helps you grow your business profitably.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services

image1Increased profitable growth, management of cash, and mitigation of risks requires a strategic business partner and advisor to help plan and recommend actions to secure the future financial position and cash flow of the company and to strengthen the infrastructure of the business. more

Bookkeeping Services

image2Bookkeeping for a U.S. Federal Government contractor requires specialized knowledge and unique system configurations outside of what is required for tax and bank reporting purposes. more

U.S. Federal Government Contracting Advisory Services

image5Doing business with the U.S. Federal Government is not hard, just different. Compliance with FAR, CAS, and business system standards requires expert knowledge and experience. more


  • Javier Castro, President


    "Kachadorian Consulting put government contracting on my radar. They’re helping me directly build my business. Now, I’ve expanded my office space lease and sales opportunities to government clients, and the Kachadorian team simplified the registration process. I would recommend Kachadorian Consulting without reservation."

  • Dennis Eisenstein, President

    Symphony Consulting Group

    "Kachadorian Consulting helped my company successfully get through a DCAA audit, and their consistency and dedication went above and beyond. For any company that expects to go through the audit process soon, I would say you absolutely need to contact Kachadorian Consulting."

  • Derek Hoffman, Partner

    Bellatoris Consulting

    "With Kachadorian Consulting’s help, our firm has fine-tuned our methods for finding new business niches and opportunities within the Federal contracting sphere that we hadn’t yet served. Kachadorian found new ways for us to find new customers."

  • Jacqueline Krick, President

    ECU Communications

    "Kachadorian Consulting acts as Chief Financial Officer for my firm, and I am always impressed by their team’s reliability – and their strategic thinking. Kachadorian Consulting has incredible depth of knowledge about how small businesses interact with the Federal government, and they help to greatly alleviate concerns about the government’s increasingly-complex contractual obligations."

  • Andy Laidig, President

    Apogee Informatics

    "Before we began working with Kachadorian Consulting, Apogee Informatics had never served a government client. Through the Kachadorian team’s insights, we can now offer our real-time healthcare performance evaluation services to clients like the Department of Defense and government healthcare entities. Kachadorian has even helped Apogee find investor partners – those are results we can literally 'take to the bank.'"

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